SlapKlatz PRO Damper Gels

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About SlapKlatz PRO

When you want a perfect drum sound, subtle changes is key. But the way you perform those changes is really important too. You need to “do it right” – so to speak.

With SlapKlatz PRO, you have all the tools you need to do it right.

When we developed SlapKlatz PRO we had to make the right material for starters, since this is both important for the sound and the practicality.

From there we started testing from a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes in order to make the best possible dampening kit for your drums.

The result is SlapKlatz PRO.

With SlapKlatz PRO you get a wide array of choices, which is exactly what makes it stand out from the rest. You can really fine tune resonance and ring, without sacrificing playing feel or the tone of your drum.


The Selection

One of the most important things when working with your drum sound, is being able to make the right amount of dampening.

Another thing is being able to me distributed dampening (read this guide to get more info on this subject).

With SlapKlatz you get 3 different sizes to choose from. Small, medium and large.


The Colors

Some drummers likes to “style” their drum kit – others don’t. In any case, we have the solution to you.

Alien Green

Alien Green is the SlapKlatz signature color. It is the first color we introduced, and a color that looks incredible on stage as it lights up when hit by blue-ish stage lighting.


This is the choice for you, who likes to keep it low key. No need to flash your dampeners? Well, clear is the neutral and almost invisible solution for you.


As you know, black goes with everything. The same applies for drum dampeners. These have a distinct semi-translucent appearance that looks stylish and cool.


Now here is something for the ladies – as we salute more women behind the drums. Admitted – saying that pink is synonymous with women is a bit stereotypical. But hey – then it’s good that many male drummers likes these pink dampeners as well!


What is in the package?

When you buy the SlapKlatz PRO (2022 onwards) drum dampener package, it contains the following:

  • 6x Small (2 cm) SlapKlatz drum dampeners
  • 4x Medium (3 cm) SlapKlatz drum dampeners
  • 2x Large (4 cm) SlapKlatz drum dampeners
  • 1x Pro quality rugged and waterproof carrying case
  • 12x transparet dividers that can be used as dust protectors