Does Neuron Percussion have a physical shop?
No, we are currently only a web based store

What is the best way to contact Neuron Percussion?
Please email sales@neuronpercussion.co.nz.

Does Neuron Percussion do endorsements ?
Sadly, we cant just give away our products but we would defiantly offer discounts to good customers and professional players of New Zealand. Please email sales@neuronpercussion.co.nz for a chat.

Does Neuron Percussion provide school discounts?
Yes, please email sales@neuronpercussion.co.nz.

Do your prices include G.S.T?
Yes, all prices include G.S.T.

Do your prices include freight/postage?
Unless stated, no. We are still currently working on the best reliable freight company. To receive a quote please email sales@neuronpercussion.co.nz and let us know where you are located and what product.

Do your prices included postage?
Unless stated, no. We will be in contact with a quote as we are still currently trying to find the best and cost-effective freight company.

But I can get it cheaper elsewhere online?
Correct, you probably can but does that price include New Zealand import charges and clearance fees? Neuron Percussion pays all that to get the stock in New Zealand.

Are your drum sticks hickory?
Neuron Percussion branded sticks are hickory.

Are your sticks wooden or nylon tips?
Neuron Percussion branded sticks are only available wooden tips.

Are you sticks available in any other wood?
Neuron Percussion branded sticks are currently only available in hickory.

Are Soultone Cymbals B20 bronze?
Yes, they sure are.

Are Soultone Cymbals hand made?
Yes, they are hand hammered, hand lathed in Turkey just like the big companies.