Proflex 1 Coated (batter)

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Bright, crisp attack with a long decay. Great for when you need a little extra projection. The clear, smooth white and black version seems to be the most common resonant side tom head.  The Proflex 1 is the “jack of all trades” for any type of genre. Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Funk, this head can do it all. The Proflex 1 series is made with Attack's popular 10 mil Dynaflex film and our U.S. Duracoat coating.

No Overtone has extra control Ring 

Drum Head Comparison 

Attack                                        Remo                                Evans                 Aquarian 

PROFLEX1 Coated No Overtone Powerstoke 2 Coated EQ4 Coated Force 1 Coated