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• Protect Your Hearing in Style - Clicks contain an embedded High Fidelity filter that provide up to 21dB of noise reduction while allowing you to hear your surroundings with perfect clarity.
• Quick to Click - Want to switch faceplates? It's all magnetic, meaning you can look stylish and ready to go as quickly as a click.
• You're a gem - Your earplugs should match! Three extra-chic, extra-stylish gemstone faceplates are included in your box set in the colors Sapphire, Diamond, and Ruby. An ever-expanding list of additional colorways is also available.
• Customizable - Want to match your outfit? Have a favorite color? Whatever it may be, with Clicks you can change up your style whenever you want.
More sizes than ever - Four ear tip sizes are included in every order. So you don't have to worry about getting your perfect fit!
• LED Light Up Box - Open up the box to reveal an eye-catching spotlight that projects directly onto the crystallized ridges of your Clicks. Perfect for gift givers, or those who love that extra oomph!
• Comes with a lightweight aluminum case - So you're never without your Clicks.

NRR: 16dB
Expected Noise Reduction: 21dB

Each Order of Earplugs Includes:

3x Sets of Faceplates (in the colors Sapphire, Diamond, and Ruby)
4x Pairs of Ear tips
1x Carrying Case (Standard Size)
1x LED Box
1x Gift Box
1x Instruction Manual