Proflex 1 Rock Pack

Proflex 1 Rock Pack

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Bright, crisp attack with a long decay. Great for when you need a little extra projection. The clear, smooth white and black version seems to be the most common resonant side tom head.  The Proflex 1 is the “jack of all trades” for any type of genre. Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Funk, this head can do it all. The Proflex 1 series is made with Attack's popular 10 mil Dynaflex film and our U.S. Duracoat coating.

Pack Includes 

1x 10" Clear, Proflex 1

1x 12" Clear, Proflex 1

1x 14" Coated (snare) Proflx 1

1x 16" Clear, Proflex 1

1x22" Clear, Proflex 1